Finishing is like focusing.

It’s where your full artistic vision is executed and realized.










“When you make a photograph you’re expressing that which lies within you. It reveals something greater than yourself. But it’s more than that. You are making the invisible visible.”

-Jim Welninski

Included in this course!

Hours Of Instruction

Custom Finishing Brushes


Interactive Color Wheels

LIVE Online Webinar Classes

Work Along Images

Custom Color Actions

Custom Color Grading Gradients

Gamut Masks

Plus, more fun and learning than you could pack into a college course!

"After completing your Real Raw tutorials and webinars I have not used any profiles but my camera’s Real Raw profiles."


"I think I am just beginning to see the value of a linear camera profile with no curve adjustments....What I like most about your Real RAW approach is that the colors are not over-saturated like they are when using a camera/Adobe profile."


"I appreciate you so much. Your raw openness is inspiring. And your!"


"I downloaded you Raw course today, went through the videos and all’s I can say is WOW!!...I took the same image into ACR and starting with the Real Raw file I made and applying your advice on editing I was able to get very close to my vision."


"I cannot thank you enough. The new possibilities that you have opened up are terrific and very inspiring."


Every piece of work you make has its own secrets.

Discovering them is like finding hidden treasure.

We’ve come to think that photography begins at the sensor plane. We are so consumed by what’s in front of the camera that we have forgotten that the most important ingredient in any photograph is what’s behind the camera.

Your inner experience drives your shutter finger whether you want it to or not. All you need to do is let it take charge.

The Imagined Image  is about bringing your photograph back to the Imaginal space where it began.

Remember that making art is soul work.  Mastering technicalities cannot help you with that.

You already carry your best work inside you.  Unfortunately, it usually only emerges by accident.

The Imagined Image  is the answer to that problem.

I’ve taught these methods in classes and workshops and everyone who has been exposed to them has said the same thing; these methods WORK! 

(very brief) Content Summary

The Paradox of Art

How and why we do what we do.

Secrets of HSB

Introduction to special color actions.

Lights Out, Part 1

Discovering the superstructure of your photos.

Lights Out, Part 2

Discovering the superstructure of your photos, continued.

Becoming A Color Commander

LAB and things you didn’t know about color.

Imaginalysis, Part 1

Light geometry and other cool stuff.

Imaginalysis, Part 2

Light geometry and other cool stuff, continued.

Color Rehab, Part 1

Color power tools!

Color Rehab, Part 2

Color power tools, continued!

The LAB Lab, Part 1

The mad scientist’s playground!

The LAB Lab, Part 2

Channel swaps, apply image, and other goodies.

What’s In My Bag?, Part 2

Filters, plugins, and panels, continued.

What’s In My Bag?, Part 1

Filters, plugins, and panels.

Webinar 1:

05/062021 @2pm CDT

Webinar 2:

05/13/2021 @2pm CDT

Webinar 3:

05/20/2021 @2pm CDT

Webinar 4:

05/27/2021 @2pm CDT

Webinar 5:

06/03/2021 @2pm CDT

All webinars will be recorded!

A download link will be sent to you via email.

If you can’t make the live broadcast, you won’t miss a thing!

What is The Imagined Image?

Will the webinars be recorded?


Each webinar will be recorded and you will receive a download link via email the following day.

Can I use this course if I don't have Photoshop?

Although the course was created using Photoshop, the principles discussed are widely applicable. There are more than just editing techniques here.

If you are fairly proficient with your software you should be able to make the translation.

However, a significant part of the course takes place in the LAB color space. You should have access to this space in your software.

I'm just a beginner. Will I get anything out of this course?


If you can navigate your way around Photoshop you should be fine. Much of this course is about far more than the software you use.

20 hours of content?! What else is included?

  • 14 videos with 7 hours of content
  • 5 two hour live webinars
  • 23 work along images
  • 313 Gradient maps
  • 74 Brushes
  • 15 Gamut masks
  • 6 Color actions
  • 2 interactive color wheels

PLUS a brand new experience with your existing photos!

Program Requirements

The course was recorded using Photoshop CC 2020 and Adobe Camera RAW Version 13.

If you’re using different software it should be able to edit RAW files and access the LAB color space.

The most important thing you need is the desire to learn and adapt!

This is a HUGE Download!

Please be patient, this is large download at approximately 4 Gigabytes.  All of the videos were recorded at 1080p HD, While it is a rather large download, it is being hosted on Amazon S3′s reliable server.  It is highly recommended that you use one of the following browsers to download the file:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla FireFox

The time has come to stop playing at photography!

It’s time to pick up your torch and venture into the dark forest.