Real RAW


Game changer. We use that term to describe something that comes along only once in awhile, something that changes everything. Real RAW is a game changer. Seriously.

This course is the result of my frustration with one particular photograph. It was an awesome shot and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I knew the dynamic range I wanted was there because I could see it when moving the exposure slider back and forth. But I couldn’t squeeze all of the tones into the frame at the same time. Either highlights were lost or shadows were lost. It was maddening because I could see that the tones were there! Even the bracketed set I had was of no use. I shot the photo at midday and the contrast was horrible. I’ve been working with Photoshop at the professional level for over 25 years , so I know a trick or two. I tried them all, to no avail. I’m betting that this has happened to you, too.

I can almost guarantee that if you’re reading this, you have some photographs sitting in your library that you thought were going to be amazing. You absolutely love them. Unfortunately, they will stay there forever because you can’t do a thing with them. You tried very hard to save them, and they’re so close. But trying to fix one problem creates a another problem somewhere else.

This course will teach you how to bring many of those photos back. And believe me when I tell you that you’ll end up going through your entire library looking for the gems that got away. Think about it for a minute. You know they’re there and you know what they are. I can say this with confidence because it happens every time to everyone who uses this method. Ok, so maybe there’s an exception or two. But if there are, I haven’t heard about them.

You have been working with one hand tied behind your back and you don’t even know it. The camera profiles that have been provided to you by software and camera manufacturers are stealing some of the precious tonal content you worked so hard to get. Your RAW files have contrast and tonal changes added to them before you ever touch them. Worse yet, you cannot reverse or neutralize those changes. We’re going to fix that right now.

Real RAW is the answer to that problem.  I’m an artist and I’m hard core, so I’m not usually the guy who develops technical tools. There are people out there that are far better at that than I am. But no one was working on this problem. For a while, I had trouble getting anyone to see that it was a problem. So I decided to solve it myself. Fast forward through three years of work and research and Real RAW was born. Much to my surprise, my quest to save one photograph completely transformed my photography. Now it can change yours.

What you’re going to learn in this course is going to have the same effect on you that it has on everyone who sees it in action. They all say some version of the same thing: “Holy c**p!! I had no idea I was losing THAT much! It’s a whole new world!” I am not overstating that.

Once you see what’s really in your RAW files, the game is afoot. When you realize how much data you’re losing and what you can actually squeeze out of your camera, it IS a whole new world. Not only will you be able to rescue files you thought were dead, you’ll be shooting in situations that you would have avoided before because you’ll know for the first time how amazing the RAW format really is!

I want you to have the same freedom that I have, so I’m not going to sell you a profile. I’m going to teach you how to make your own profiles so that you can do it forever, no matter what camera you use. It’s much easier than you think. How does 4 mouse clicks sound? You’ll also find a whole new world to discover when you start piggybacking the use of creative LUTs with what you learn in this course. I’ll give you some of those to get you started. And there are literally tens of thousands of them, many of them free, on the internet. Like I said, it’s a whole new world.

This course is designed to enlarge you as both an artist and a technician. There’s a word for what happens when those two things come together. That word is MASTERY.

The training wheels are off!



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