Black and White Artistry


If you want to make gallery quality black and white photographs, this is the course you need!

I got serious about my black and white work when digital photography was just coming of age. Fresh out of rehab, I felt like I was seeing the world for the first time. I had things to say and a story to tell.  Frustrated by my inability to express the black and white images in my head with the tools and skills I had, I scoured books, magazines, and the internet in search of any resource that would help. There were a lot of great photographs out there, but almost no one was teaching anything beyond the basics. What little information did exist was scattered all over the internet.

The next five years were dedicated to figuring out what worked and what didn’t. I took what little information I had and brought the full weight of my 35 years as a working artist to bear on it. The eventual results were the photographs I had envisioned. Because I am a teacher by nature, I wanted to design a program of study so I could share what I had found with others. Black & White Artistry is that course. To be sure it worked, I taught it to real students in a real classroom for two years before releasing it in video form. I already knew what everyone else discovered for themselves:

This course delivers the goods!

Can you succeed with this course? Yes, you can. And you will! All you need is a passion for black and white photography and some very basic Photoshop skills. I’ll teach you everything else you need to know. Work images and brushes are provided. This course does not rely on plugins or actions. (There is a section on Silver Efx Pro, but it is not essential.) The course is not based on a specific “workflow”, so you are not limited to working in a prescribed manner. Instead, you will learn how to create stunning photographs by hand while developing your own personal vision. This is the gateway to artistic success.

Thousands of photographers at every skill level from all over the world have gone through this course. Many of them have become award winning photographers themselves.

You can do it too!

I’ll see you inside!


  • Adobe Photoshop or similar photo editing software. (The course is taught using Photoshop, but the principles apply regardless of the software you use.)
  • A basic understanding of layers and masks is helpful.
  • Any pressure sensitive tablet – used for painting on masks. This is highly recommended. (brushes for Wacom tablets are provided)
  • The Nik Collection by DXO (this is helpful, but not essential)



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