Advanced Black and White Artistry


In this course, you will take the skills you learned in Black & White Artistry to the next level.

You already know that black & white photography has its own special set of challenges. That’s because it’s about more than just 256 shades of gray. Creating compelling black and white photographs requires using tone and contrast to create a visual roadmap for anyone that views your work.

This course will radically change the way you think about contrast and composition. You’ll learn to use the way we naturally see to construct a complete experience for your viewers, making it much easier for you to get your artistic point across. As a result, your work will have greater elegance and impact.

You will learn to master what seems to be a limited visual palette in such a way that you actually expand your ability to express yourself. Best of all, no one will ever know that you’re doing it! You’ll also find that the insights you gain here will play a mighty role in your color work.

This course is a deep dive into these challenges, and more. It’s not designed to simply overcome them. It’s designed to obliterate them!


  • Completion of Black & White Artistry is recommended, but not essential.
  • Adobe Photoshop or similar photo editing software. (The course is taught using Photoshop, but the principles apply regardless of the software you use.)
  • Intermediate photo editing skills.
  • Any pressure sensitive tablet – used for painting on masks. This is highly recommended. (brushes for Wacom tablets are provided)
  • The Nik Collection by DXO (this is helpful, but not essential)



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