Stop thinking of yourself as a Photographer.

Start thinking of yourself as an Artist who happens to use a camera.

Making Moody Film Noir Photos

This moody photograph comes from the Photographing Hidden Chicago workshop that I did with Blake Rudis and Nick Sinnott from R.S. Chicago Photography Classes. It rained so much that we set a precipitation record for that day. But we made the best of it and...

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Imagination and The Fine Art Photograph

We artists suffer immensely from our inability to easily tap Imagination and translate it into meaningful work. I meet so many photographers who struggle profoundly with the question of their personal vision. “How do I know what it is?” “How can I figure it out?” “How will I know when I find it?” Let’s start with a basic idea and turn it into a simple and fun photographic exercise. 

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About the PhotoTribe

Welcome to The Tribe!

We explore the art part of photography because here, Imagination reigns supreme. I’m here to help you work beyond the “rules” and use the tools you have to grab onto your vision and make photos that mean something!

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