I made my first trip to Scotland about a year and a half ago. On the first stop of the first day, I took a shot that I was sure was going to be epic. It turned out to be not so epic at all. I used a wide angle lens for something that really needed a longer focal length and the shot was far less than what I had hoped for. Free Transform to the rescue!

Photoshop allowed me to not only rescue the shot but to actually make it better than it would have been had I shot it “properly”. I was struck by the way the mountain in the shot dominated the scene and if I had used a different focal length the mountain would have certainly been big but the shot would have lost its impact because of the lack of context and scale. When I got home and saw the file I was disappointed but I also remembered what drove me to press the shutter button in the first place. That was the vision that I needed to recapture in post-processing

Remember to always be driven by your own vision and not necessarily by what seems to be the correct technical decision. Your tools are just that: tools. Use them to get at your ideas but don’t allow them to limit you. There’s no such thing as using the wrong tool if you’re using it for the right reason. Put that one in your back pocket because you’ll need it. The next time you reach for an unusual lens and someone asks you why you can answer by saying “I have a vision for this shot!”. No one can argue with you about that!

For more on this, check out the video below.

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